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10 Best Decks for Arena 12

Meet the best decks for Arena 12 in Clash Royale and become a master in Spooky Town. Put pressure on your opponents with the powerful decks.

Are you new to Arena 12? Do you want to get to Rascal’s Hideout (Arena 13) quickly? Then you need to find the best decks for Arena 12. Using the best decks will be a great advantage for you. Because you will be able to make the right choice among useful collections.

Best decks for Arena 12 may be extra advantageous for you. You won’t have to search for decks for hours or days. I put together some decks that I think are extra good for Arena 12. You can choose the one that best suits your strategy among these decks.

Pick the Best Decks for Arena 12

After clarifying your defensive and offensive tactics, your next step should be to choose good decks for Arena 12. Sometimes a deck you create yourself can be the best option. Sometimes, you may want to stick to the popular ones like best decks for Arena 12.

Whichever method you choose, such as creating a deck or finding a deck, you may cross paths with the best decks for Arena 12. So, what does the best arena 12 deck look like? There is no single correct answer to this question because decks for Arena 12 are so diverse.

1. Best Deck for Arena 12: Royal Hogs with Zappies

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Are you looking for the best Arena 12 deck? In this case, Royal Hogs can make you very happy. It’s a ready-made deck for Evolution, so it can help you specialize. It is a good deck in many aspects because it can offer you everything you need.

Royal Recruits is a pretty good when it comes to putting pressure on. You can develop your attack plan by using it from the back of the goal. Afterwards, you can use Royal Hogs or Flying Machine depending on the situation. Goblin Cage will do a lot of work defensively.

2. Best Spooky Town Deck: Royal Hog Cycle 2.8

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

In my opinion, it is the best deck for Spooky Town. Thanks to Firecracker, it is an evolution-ready deck. The rest is similar to classic Hog Rider cycle decks. Whenever you catch your opponent off guard, you can use Hog Rider to get a chance to damage the towers.

Best decks for Arena 12 will not give you much trouble in defense. You will have fewer problems, especially with this type of evolution-ready decks. You need to pay attention to is to make the most of the Valkyrie and Tesla duo. Earthquake is a complementary spell card.

3. Good Arena 12 Deck: Infamous Log Bait

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

When you’re looking for an Arena 12 deck, you’re unlikely to come across Log Bait. What makes Log Bait good is that it is ready for evolution. Since it is one of the classic decks, you will not have any difficulty in using it. You just have to be very careful when using elixir.

Log Bait is a popular choice for best decks for Arena 12. You can see many alternatives because it is easy to use. You try to rise to the top of the arena with minimal risk. Goblin Gang, Knight, Princess and Inferno Tower can help you fend off any attack.

4. Best Deck for Spooky Town: Hog Rider Cycle 2.6

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

It is an option that you can definitely come across in your search for best deck for Arena 12. It is easy to use as it is the most classic deck of the game. Moreover, it is ready for evolution. Since it is used quickly, you will often have the opportunity to punish your opponent.

Many players dominate matches using this deck. Just using Hog Rider is enough. The usual combination includes Ice Golem and Hog Rider. Even though it contains Cannon and Musketeer, it is one of the best decks for Arena 12 that is not very defensively strong.

5. Arena 12 Deck: Mega Knight with Miner

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Good decks for Arena 12 do not always include easy-to-use decks. This deck containing Mega Knight and Miner is very difficult to use. However, if you make the right moves, you can easily win the match. Because it is a deck containing a lot of bait cards.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use deck in best decks for Arena 12, you should look at other options. Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon are really difficult to control. Additionally, if the opponent has a card like Wizard, you may have problems directing swarm type troops.

6. Deck for Arena 12: Double Barrel Log Bait

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Are you after the best Spooky Town deck? If you like using Skeleton Barrel and Goblin Barrel, you can choose this deck. It has no problems defending. There is no card that can deal very strong damage just at once, but this is a minor disadvantage.

I said that you can see plenty of Log Bait decks in your search for best decks for Arena 12. You shouldn’t be too surprised by this. Princess, Dart Goblin and Goblin Barrel can force the opponent to use spell cards. You can win the match when you get the move advantage.

7. Alternative Arena 12 Deck: Valkyrie Log Bait

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is quite similar to previous decks for Arena 12. It just contains Valkyrie and makes the defense a little stronger. The attacks you can do with Goblin Barrel are clear. Once your opponents memorize your moves, they may start to cause you problems.

You may encounter similar tactics during your research on best decks for Arena 12. Just know that it is natural and compatible with the meta. After defending your opponent with Valkyrie, you can launch a counter attack and use Goblin Barrel or Princess.

8. Quick Action Arena 12 Deck: Log Bait with Tesla

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Do you want quick and good Arena 12 decks? Log Bait with Tesla is a very good option for this. Normally the Log Bait deck includes Inferno Tower, but it is a bit costly. You can make moves faster by using the lower-cost Tesla with a small concession.

Considering best decks for Arena 12, it is not extra good. Because players are not used to such alternative and fast decks. Knight, Goblin Gang and Tesla are very good at defense. Princess is versatile, but the real important cards are Rocket and Goblin Barrel.

9. Spooky Town Deck: X-Bow Cycle 3.0

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you pursue best decks for Arena 12, you’ll probably encounter X-Bow at some point. In my opinion, it is a very useful card. It is not preferred due to its high cost. Combined with the Tesla it’s good enough not to send any cards over the bridge.

You need to pay some attention to defense in this Arena 12 deck. You shouldn’t spend too much elixir in the first stage. At the point where you start earning elixir quickly, you can start using X-Bow and Tesla side by side. Skeleton and Knight will stall opponents.

10. Old School Arena 12 Deck: Hog Cycle 2.8

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

I don’t really like to share classic decks, but I can make an exception for Spooky Town decks. This deck is one of the decks you will definitely encounter when playing Clash Royale. It is very easy to use and can be extra useful depending on the mistakes your opponent makes.

Sometimes, best decks for Arena 12 that you will use can cause some problems. Because most decks are aimed at forcing the opponent to make mistakes. If your opponent doesn’t make a mistake when you want to use Hog Rider, you will not be able to destroy any towers.

How to Build Your Own Deck in Arena 12?

When trying to build a deck in Clash Royale, you need to stick to some rules. There is no exception for the best Spooky Town deck. If you don’t care about the meta and don’t choose cards that are compatible with each other, you may have a very difficult time in the matches.

  • Learn meta: While playing Clash Royale, you need to learn about the current meta. Sometimes it is advantageous to use non-meta decks. However, if you want to move higher, you need to choose a best Spooky Town deck that is compatible with the meta.
  • Special abilities: Some cards, such as legendary cards, have special abilities. You can prioritize these when building decks for Arena 12. But you should know that you’ll need more to build the best decks for Arena 12.
  • Deck composition: The deck should be balanced in every aspect. An Arena 12 deck with a very strong defensive aspect can prevent you from destroying towers. It can cause problems in defending towers with good Arena 12 decks with high attack power.
  • Leverage synergies: Some cards are extra compatible with each other. You can create the best deck for Arena 12 by using compatible cards. In general, most Spooky Town decks are created based on the synergies between them.
  • Card levels: The cards in the deck you choose should have high levels. A low level card can make even good Arena 12 decks useless. For this reason, you should choose a deck suitable for the cards in your collection.

Best decks for Arena 12 will help you up to a certain point. In Clash Royale, to reach higher level arenas you need some skill and playing habits. When choosing the best deck for Spooky Town, you should definitely try to stick to cards you are familiar with.

In Clash Royale, Arena 12 is one of the places where the competition starts to heat up. It is important to choose among the Best decks for Arena 12. If you like my best decks for Arena 12, you can share it with your friends and if you have questions, just post a comment.

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    • Hello, I really liked the deck. It’s pretty good. When you make the right move at the right time, you won’t have any trouble. But with Fisherman it might be a little too much to be Knight. If you have trouble defending, consider adding a building card instead.

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