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10 Best Decks for Arena 8

Discover the best decks for Arena 8 in Clash Royale. Gain an edge against your opponents with proper strategies and move to the next level.

Do you want to get out of the Arena 8 and reach out Arena 9 also known as Jungle Arena? Now, relax because I will help you find the best desks for Arena 8. When you reach Frozen Peak, you will able to obtain some cards like Freeze, Giant Skeleton and Lightning.

Although finding an Arena 8 deck is somewhat easy, the real challenge is in getting started using the decks. For this reason, after finding the answer to “What is the best deck for Arena 8?”, you need to turn to tactics. Try to discover the valuable ones at this point.

Pick the Best Decks for Arena 8

It is always advantageous to use the best decks for Arena 8. You gain a natural advantage over your opponent. You must be able to use every card in the deck to maintain the edge. That’s why I will share proper tips with you along with the best decks for Arena 8.

The best decks of Arena 8 that I have shared with you can elevate you to the next arena. At the same time, you can go much further. Because you get used to the cards in the deck you choose. Most importantly, you level them up much sooner than others.

1. Best Decks for Arena 8: Giant with Mini PEKKA

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you are someone in search of Clash Royale decks for Arena 8, this Giant deck can help you for a long time. It is very useful as it does not contain a card with a high upgrade cost. It has everything needed for air and land defense and is very easy to use.

In this Clash Royale Arena 8 deck, you should focus on building beat-down tactic. Giant should always be at the forefront. Behind him may be Archers, Musketeers, Minions or Spear Goblins. Each card is extra valuable for defense, pay attention to the correct placement.

2. Popular Arena 8 Deck: Giant

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you’re looking for a popular Frozen Peak deck, this deck created with Giant is a good choice. It is actually a variation of the best deck type. There is Giant, which targets buildings directly. Due to their durability, Mini PEKKA and Knight are very good at ground defense.

Air defense is pretty good as well as ground defense. Therefore this is a good deck for Arena 8. You just shouldn’t have made too many mistakes in elixir management. This is the general attribute of the best decks for Arena 8. They allow you to learn the elixir management.

3. Best Arena 8 Decks: Alternative Giant

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This is an alternative deck for Frozen Peak with Giant at the center. If you look closely you can see that it looks similar to the other decks I’ve shared. Its difference from them is that it contains two spell cards. For this, you need to give up one air defense card.

The decks for Arena 8 are not very difficult in terms of game play. When you stick to certain techniques, it becomes easy to achieve your goal. Built with Giant, this deck is for beat-down strategy. You send the Giant ahead and use cards to support him whenever possible.

4. Frozen Peak Deck: Giant with Double Prince

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

How about the best Arena 8 deck you can use for a long time? This deck built with Dark Prince and Prince could be a very good idea. The deck has three different spell cards, contrary to the standards. However, they can all be very useful depending on conditions.

If you are looking for good Arena 8 decks, you are likely to encounter similar decks. This two different prince deck is an ideal example. You can achieve your goal by constantly trying to keep the opponent under pressure. At least, you can destroy one opponent tower.

5. Decks for Arena 8: Hog Rider with Goblin Barrel

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

I can recommend this deck to anyone looking for the best Arena 8 deck. It contains two different win conditions. It’s a pretty good idea to force the opponent to make mistakes. Because additional moves are always required to stop all the cards in your hand.

Hog Rider is a popular card that you can often see in Clash Royale Arena 8 decks. He can do serious damage to towers when the opponent is careless. Goblin Barrel can be stopped with certain cards. If the opponent does not have this opportunity, the deck can be quite useful.

6. Frozen Peak Deck: Goblin Barrel

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you are looking for a best Frozen Peak deck then you can try this one. Prince is more powerful than any other cards in this level. Goblin Barrel is your win condition. To use it correctly, you must wait for your opponent’s moves and then make your own move.

Valkyrie is a very powerful augment and is generally used in best Arena 8 decks. It is very effective at stopping Swarm type troops. To protect the Prince card, Valkyrie and Baby Dragon do a great job. All you have to do is wait for the ideal time to make the right moves.

7. Decks for Arena 8: Giant with Goblin Hut

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Some people like to use building cards. If your goal is to use an Arena 8 deck that includes buildings, you’re in the right place. Built with Giant, this deck can support all cards from behind. It is especially an ideal choice for protecting Spear Goblins.

You may come across different options in your search for the best deck for Frozen Peak. The defensive aspect of this deck, which includes Mini PEKKA, is very strong. However, since the elixir cost can be high, it is very important that you use the cards at the right moment.

8. Best Arena 8 Deck: Hog Rider 2.6 Cycle

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

How about meeting a famous deck? This deck with Hog Rider is one of the first examples to be given when it comes to best decks for Arena 8. It is used very quickly and is very useful when the opponent uses elixir in vain. Learning your opponent’s cards makes it easier.

Sometimes you don’t get the results you want with this Frozen Peak deck. Since it is popular, players know what to expect. You should cycle quickly and use Hog Rider. In defense, your biggest helpers will be Ice Spirit, Musketeer and Cannon, if placed correctly.

9. Best Deck for Frozen Peak: Goblin Barrel

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

What is the best deck for Arena 8? Any deck built with Goblin Barrel if you ask me. It is really very powerful at these levels and is indispensable for best decks for Arena 8. Despite this, many people make mistakes because not everyone can use Goblin Barrel correctly.

The best time to use Goblin Barrel is when you know your opponent doesn’t have enough elixir. Prince and Baby Dragon in the deck are very good for counter-attack. Since there is no medium damage spell, you should use each card carefully in this best Frozen Peak deck.

10. Good Arena 8 Deck: Giant with Valkyrie

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This is a good deck for Arena 8. It has all the cards you will need in your hand. Knight, Valkyrie and Mini PEKKA handle ground defense easily. Musketeer and Archer are very good at air defense. The important thing is to determine the time to play the cards well.

Giant is a very powerful tank and can protect all troops behind. For this reason, he is the first unit that comes to mind when it comes to good Arena 8 decks. He is one of the best choices that will win you games. Best decks for Arena 8 may always be incomplete without him.

How to Build Your Own Deck in Arena 8?

You may not want to stick to my recommendations for best decks for Arena 8. In this case, you need to know how to build the best deck. Thanks to a few tips you can follow, you can create and use the best decks for Arena 8 on your game play style.

  • Deck style: Each deck has a different play style. When creating the best decks for Arena 8, you should be knowledgeable about play styles such as beat-down and control.
  • Try it: Before you decide to specialize in any deck, you should try it out. You can practice with your clan mates to find the best decks for Arena 8.
  • Change correctly: Sometimes you may want to make changes to the deck you use. You have to make conscious changes when creating the best decks for Arena 8.
  • Take opinions: You might need ideas for the deck you’re building. You can ask various questions and get ideas in places where the best decks for Arena 8 are shared.
  • Win condition: If any deck does not have a win condition, you will have a hard time winning the match. By deciding the card, you can create the best decks for Arena 8.
  • Pick support: To create best decks for Arena 8, you should add various support cards alongside your primary card. Support cards have extra functionality than others.
  • Adapt it: Since the game’s meta is constantly changing, the best decks for Arena 8 also change. You can use the deck you are used to using by constantly adapting it.

If you’re having trouble creating the best decks for Arena 8, you can copy other people’s decks. The deck suggestions I offer can help you throughout the rest of the game. You can copy each of them with one click and add them to the game immediately.

Before arena standards were changed, Clash Royale decks for Arena 8 included Mega Knight. Mega Knight is no longer included in the best Arena 8 decks. If you like the decks for Arena 8, you can share it with your friends and comment if you have questions.

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    • It is a kite card. You should kite air units with him. When they attack Ice Golem, you can hit them with your Crown Tower. Plus when he die it can slow any units surrounding him. So with only 2 elixir you can do a lot of things.

    • Hi,

      You must definitely enter an active clan. Also, you shouldn’t miss the challenges. By participating in clan wars, you can open extra chests and earn more cards. Apart from that, you can join the Classic Challenges with the Gems you have obtained and you can have extra cards and gold with the wins here.

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