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10 Best Capture the Queen Decks

In Capture the Queen you need to capture Archer Queen as fast as you can. Find the best decks for Capture the Queen and earn more rewards.

Capture the Queen is a game mode with a very simple goal. You may have encountered similar ones before. Your goal is to lure Archer Queen, who appears in the middle of the battlefield, to your side. Capture the Queen decks make it easy to achieve this goal.

I generally like the idea of capturing troops and putting them in the offensive and defensive plan. At least it offers a chance to develop a strategy. The Capture the Queen decks that I will share can help you with this. Of course, if you want to win some rewards you need to be able to use your cards correctly.

1. Best Capture the Queen Deck: Barbarian Horde

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck contains both Elite Barbarians and Barbarians. The goal is to capture the Archer Queen quickly. All cards in the deck perform this task. If you pay attention, you can see that there are no air units. However, this is not a huge problem.

You have to make moves according to your opening cards. If you can use Inferno Tower, you can use it. Because it is a building that can stand until the next Archer Queen. Elite Barbarians are the other ideal choice. Barbarians and Cannon Cart come in handy as the game progresses.

2. Capture the Queen: Royal Partner

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

What’s better than an Archer Queen? Of course, two Archer Queens. That’s exactly what this deck is for. If you can capture the Archer Queen in the middle, you will gain a significant advantage. It is possible to achieve this with various cards since it is not very difficult to cycle.

Elite Barbarians is the card that will come in handy the most. Goblins and Goblin Gang are required for cycle. At the same time, you must use them to defend your opponent’s moves. Mini PEKKA is wild. It is a unit that can help you extra in capturing Archer Queen.

3. Popular Capture the Queen Deck: Royal Recruits

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

You may want to use a deck that you will not have difficulty in defending. In this case, you can give this very popular deck a chance. All troops strengthen your defense, including Elite Barbarians and Royal Recruits. They are also ideal for counterattack.

The disadvantage of the deck is due to the spell cards. There is no spell card that deals average damage. You may run into some trouble when you take on the opposing Archer Queen. However, if you put the right troops in front of her at the right time, you can easily neutralize her and continue your strategy.

4. Elite Capture the Queen: Cycle with Miner

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

I don’t think cycle decks are very useful in Capture the Queen game mode. However, if you are better at using cycle style decks, I can say that this deck is for you. In terms of cycle, Miner and Dart Goblin are quite functional. They always help you.

Since you can quickly reach the card you want to use, you can gain an advantage in certain parts of the fight. However, if you waste cards like Bats, Electro Spirit, and Dart Goblin just because I’m going to cycle, the opponent may punish you. Even if you get Archer Queen, you can lose the match.

5. F2P Capture the Queen Deck: Tricky Royal Hogs

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Sometimes it’s a good idea to use lectures that mislead the opponent. This deck allows you to do exactly what you want. You can capture Archer Queen with Royal Hogs. Then you can quickly attack. However, you may encounter some difficulties depending on your opponent’s moves.

Firecracker and Zappies are very strong on defense. They allow them to move quickly. Barbarians and Mini PEKKA are useful in many ways. With them you have a chance to capture Archer Queen in the middle. Everything will depend on the cards in the opponent’s hand.

6. Standard Capture the Queen: Golden Knight

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Under normal circumstances, you cannot use two different champions together. In this game mode, you can have this opportunity. Of course, you’ll gain an extra advantage if you capture Archer Queen. The most important thing is to protect the queen. If you succeed in this, you will take an important step in terms of winning the match.

The downside of the deck is the lack of an average damage spell card. You may run into problems if your opponent has cards like Musketeer, Wizard, etc. With Elite Barbarians, you need to make moves at the right time. If you waste them, you won’t win a match.

7. Quickly Capture the Queen Deck: Inferno Dragon

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

The best part about this deck is that it allows you to quickly capture the queen. Inferno Dragon does a tremendous job in this regard. If your opponent has similar cards, you can stop them with Electro Spirit and Zap. Of course, after the first few tries, the opponent may develop different strategies.

My favorite card in this deck is Royal Recruits. They come in handy when you gain an edge in earning elixirs. Because they can stop almost any popular card. Mini PEKKA is a card with an alternative even if the damage is high. You can replace it with Barbarians if you wish.

8. Smooth Capture the Queen Deck: Hog Rider

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Some players prefer this deck because they use the Hog Rider very well. It’s a pretty good solution to get Archer Queen. It can come in handy, especially in game modes where this kind of speed is important. However, you should know that you will need to use other cards according to their place.

If you have the Inferno Dragon in your opening hand, you can consider using it right away. You can use Arrows, Zap and Barbarian Barrel when your opponent responds with swarm type cards. You should not lose control when you use this type of standard deck. You should be especially careful with the elixir flow.

9. Underdog Capture the Queen Deck: Hunter

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

The most important role in this deck belongs to Hunter with thick eyebrows and mustache. It manages to inflict extra damage when enemy units are close to it. This makes the defense as easy as possible. If you use it at the right time and can protect it, it alone has the power to take on Archer Queen.

Cards like Royal Recruits and Elite Barbarians are ideal for capturing the queen. Inferno Dragon can perform similar task again. Especially if you have the Inferno Dragon in your opening hand, you can be quite advantageous. You can conveniently change your own strategy according to the cards in the opponent’s hand.

10. Capture the Queen: Love the Old Days

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

I used to like this deck better, but now I’m undecided. It is still one of the first decks that comes to mind when Mega Knight is mentioned. However, I cannot say that it is as strong as before. Its advantage is that it has the Inferno Dragon and all the cards in the deck are compatible with each other.

If your opponent gets Archer Queen, Skeleton Barrel might not let you use it much. You may also have to think twice when using cards like Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, and Bats. If you use Mega Knight to neutralize the troops that have accumulated in a certain area, you will have a much better move.

I can recommend these decks for Capture the Queen events. This game mode is similar to other game modes with troop capture. Your priority is to capture Archer Queen. If you have any questions about decks or want to share your thoughts, please comment.

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