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10 Best Clan Wars Decks

Time to meet the best Clan Wars decks. If you want to get more wins and rewards in Clan Wars, you should use the best decks with the right tactics.

Finding Clan Wars decks is not an easy task. You have to build a deck according to the best cards in your hand. Sometimes you have to make choices appropriate to the current state of the game. By constantly checking cards, I have the chance to find the most ideal combinations for Clan Wars decks.

Let me tell you from the beginning, you will find many Clan Wars decks here. There is no one-size-fits-all solution as there is a situation that progresses with combinations. You should look at the Clan Wars decks I have shared by choosing the combination that best suits the cards in your hand.

1. Best Clan Wars Decks: Graveyard Quartet

Thanks to this quartet of decks created primarily based on Graveyard, you can manage to use the best decks in the game. The decks featured here were created with the quartet of Graveyard, Skeleton Barrel, Battle Ram, and Lava Hound. They’re all pretty useful for Clan Wars and far from serious drawbacks.

For Clan Wars, you should use these decks together. You should also engage in duels in Clan Wars, not regular battles. In all other scenarios, decks may not work. In order to be the side with the most wins in Clan Wars, you should pay attention to your deck combinations.

Graveyard and Skeleton King Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you’re looking for a deck that can keep the opponent under pressure and give them a hard time, this Graveyard deck will come in handy. The Skeleton King is always a significant threat. When your opponent get rid of Graveyard’s skeletons, you’ll take advantage of grappling with their skeletons.

Phoenix attacks quickly and is pretty good at defense. You do not need to take Phoenix to the opponent tower. Just get Graveyard and Skeleton King to the destination. You must use all other cards in defense. Depending on the situation, you can use Poison to damage towers.

Wall Breakers and Skeleton Barrel Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Created with Skeleton Barrel, this deck is a kind of bait deck. Although it does not include The Log card, it is easy to cycle. Wall Breakers allow you to damage towers when needed. You can use cards like Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin and Goblins for cycle.

Mighty Miner is a very good tank card. Royal Recruits is very effective in stalling the opponent. All you have to do is keep the defense strong. As soon as you catch the opponent off guard, you can head to the tower with Skeleton Barrel or Wall Breakers.

Lava Hound and Balloon Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Created by the Lava Hound and Balloon duo, this deck is very powerful. It is very easy to defeat opponents who are weak in defense, especially against air troops. The only thing you need to be careful about is not to waste elixir for nothing. Because the cost of using the deck is slightly above the average.

The Lava Hound is a very powerful tank. You can stall the opponent’s troops or block damage from the tower. There isn’t much to be said for Balloon. Once it reaches the tower, it can destroy it with one or two bombs. Miner is the support card and you can attack from the back door when needed.

Battle Ram and Elite Barbarians Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is a bit interesting because it doesn’t contain a damaging spell card. Instead, it contains the very functional Rage spell. Having Rage clearly shows what strategy actually should be. You should use Elite Barbarians and Battle Ram cards at the right time and try to combine them with Rage.

Archer Queen and Magic Archer are pretty good support cards. The same is true for Bandit and Royal Ghost. When you position the Magic Archer correctly, you can damage the towers. Unless the opponents blocks it, they cannot repel your attack and they come to the point of losing the match.

2. Best Clan Wars Decks: Goblin Barrel Quartet

If you have the chance to use the Graveyard and Battle Ram decks but also want to use the Goblin Barrel, this quad will come in handy. You should always choose the decks on a case-by-case basis. I recommend starting with Battle Ram. So you can get a pretty good advantage in winning the first match.

All these decks created for Clan Wars are for duels. In normal battles, you may not have a chance to get much efficiency. If you wish, you can test them for use in normal battles in Clan Wars. Decks that work in Clan Wars need to be compatible with each other in order to gain more wins.

Battle Ram and Elite Barbarians Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Archer Queen is very effective in defense. Battle Ram and Elite Barbarians are ideal for attacking. The only thing you need to be careful about is not to transfer the elixir advantage to the opponent. In all other circumstances, you win the match thanks to the cards in your hand.

It’s important to use Rage at the right time. You should not forget that when you use it, you can damage the opponent even if it is a small amount. It can come in handy when your opponent uses swarm-type units. Also, the Rage spell amplifies Battle Ram, Elite Barbarians, and Archer Queen very well.

Graveyard and Skeleton King Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

When Graveyard and Skeleton King come together, they offer you different opportunities. If your opponent doesn’t have area damage cards, it’s good news for you. Because with Skeletons, your chances of progressing towards victory increase. Thanks to this deck, you can make many moves without having to be fast.

Ice Wizard is very good at defense. Combined with Skeleton King, you won’t let opposing units through. Phoenix’s attack speed is high and you can make the most of it. The combination of Ice Wizard and Phoenix means you gain an extra advantage in defense. You should never give up on this.

Skeleton Barrel and Miner Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Although it’s a bit of an old deck, it still works. Because Mega Knight is a very good tank, it can block most of the attacks. Miner is ideal for attacking from the back door. It gives very good results when used in combination with the Skeleton Barrel. Other cards support your strategy.

My favorite part of the deck is that it allows fast cycling. You will have no trouble using your cards. If you lose the elixir advantage during part of the match, you can comeback. Because you can reuse the card you want with cycle moves. This is especially valuable for Miner and Skeleton Barrel.

Goblin Barrel and Mighty Miner Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you are a fan of Goblin Barrel, I can say that this cycle deck is for you. Mighty Miner is a very good tank. Moreover, it can allow you to change lanes suddenly. You can use Goblin Barrel to damage towers when the opponent catches up. Sometimes you may need to be extra patient for this.

Princess can keep your defense strong from long distances. It can also be used for bait just like Goblins. Rocket is not a card you can use very often in the early stages of the match. However, when the elixir gain speed increases, you can use it to end the match.

3. Best Clan Wars Deck: Golem Quartet

If the Golem is your favorite card, I recommend using this quartet. All other options may cause you problems. Remember that you will enter a duel in clan wars. If you want to win the duel, you must have the right Clan Wars decks. If you are going to choose a Golem, create your strategy in a harmonious way.

If you want to get a lot of wins in Clan Wars, these decks can come in handy. You cannot select certain cards after each deck you create. For this reason, you have to create the best decks according to the cards in your hand in Clan Wars. The best Clan Wars decks that I have chosen make your job easier.

Golem and Elite Barbarians Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Although the Golem is one of the best win condition cards, using it is not simple. You have to be quite patient while you wait for it to reach the tower. Electro Dragon and Phoenix can help you with this. If you wish, you can consider speeding up the Lumberjack usage a bit.

All the cards in the deck are compatible with each other. It can pair well with Lumberjack, Golem or Elite Barbarians. You should also pay attention to the Elixir Collector. The cost of the deck is extremely high, so you need it to avoid problems. However, you may find it difficult to protect it.

Graveyard and Giant Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Graveyard can be used with any tank troop. Giant and Dark Prince can take on this task. Especially since Giant can deal a lot of damage, it is a good option. The better you can use other cards to protect it, the closer you will be to winning the match.

Archer Queen is a very functional card. Because she can manage to hide with her special ability. Minions and Skeleton Army are support cards. Depending on the cards your opponent uses, you can make a good defense thanks to them. However, you should not use them all at the same time.

Wall Breakers and Skeleton Barrel Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Wall Breakers are not very popular, but Skeleton Barrel is quite popular. In this deck, the two go together because it’s important to surprise the opponent. Mighty Miner is a very good tank card and can create space for Skeleton Barrel. Thus, you will not have too much difficulty in reaching the opponent tower.

Although Royal Recruits is a costly card, it is very effective in stopping an opponent. Dart Goblin and Goblin Gang make it easy to cycle. In particular, the Dart Goblin can perform extra well on defense. The only thing you need to watch out for is spell cards like Arrows that may be in your opponent’s hand.

Battle Ram and PEKKA Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Although it is a very classic deck, it is still useful. If you manage to get the most out of the Battle Ram, it will be a little better for you. It’s not the strongest card in the deck, but it can win you a game. Another card that can do the same is the Magic Archer.

Magic Archer may seem like an easy card to stop. It can be easily neutralized with Fireball, but if your opponent does not have this opportunity, you will be very comfortable. Because you can damage the support units behind the tank units. Cards like Royal Ghost and Bandit are extra useful when going from defense to attack.

4. Best Clan Wars Deck: Goblin Giant Quartet

If you enjoy playing with the Goblin Giant, you may have some difficulty crafting other decks. However, you have several options. If you can stick to the options I suggest, you can get plenty of wins. Of course, another priority should be to try to make the most of your chosen Clan Wars decks.

Choosing a deck is not easy in Clan Wars. You cannot use the card you have selected in one deck in another. For this reason, I suggest you stick to my recommendations for Clan Wars decks. I carefully selected the decks for Clan Wars. You can get plenty of wins based on the ones that fit your strategies.

Goblin Giant and Prince Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is one of the best decks available for Goblin Giant. Prince and Dark Prince are a very good couple. Dealing a large amount of damage, Prince can destroy tanks when he finds an attack area. Dark Prince deals area damage and is pretty good at neutralizing swarm-type ground troops.

The strategy you need to implement in the deck is shaped around the Goblin Giant. It may seem a little slow moving. However, when used together with Dark Prince, the speed problem disappears. Goblin Gang and Spear Goblins are good at cycle. So you can easily use Goblin Giant again.

Royal Hogs and Giant Skeleton Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Royal Hogs is the star of this deck. When you think you don’t have many options, it can give you various opportunities. You can plan attacks from both lanes at the same time. Giant Skeleton is a very powerful tank. You can keep opponents away from your tower thanks to the bomb left behind after his death.

Flying Machine and Mother Witch are among the best support cards. You can inflict damage with the Flying Machine without going into a fierce battle with the opponent’s troops. The Mother Witch is very effective against swarm-type troops. Fisherman and Zappies can make your job easier by building an extra wall in defense.

Graveyard and Skeleton King Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck created with Graveyard and Skeleton King is very popular. There are many different variations. The main goal should be to constantly keep the opponent under pressure. Graveyard is ideal for this. Skeleton King is a tank and helps you to cover the damage from the tower.

Goblin Hut allows you to constantly have various troops on the battlefield. It doesn’t seem very effective at first. However, as time passes, you realize its value. Rascals can become mini-tanks and protect troops from behind. Even if the cycle is not very fast in this deck, it will not cause you much trouble.

Hog Rider and Mortar Deck

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you are someone who likes to use Hog Rider, I can say that this deck is for you. Mighty Miner is a very powerful tank. Thanks to his special ability, he can allow you to change lanes. So you can quickly review your attack strategy. I don’t think there is much to be said for Hog Rider.

Mortar is the secret hero of the deck. Many players use it to damage towers immediately. Since this deck is suitable for the cycle, you don’t need to use it for just this purpose. With Earthquake, you must destroy your opponent’s building cards as fast as possible. Other cards are good at defense.

I can recommend these decks for Clan Wars. Even if you have to develop very different strategies, the priority should be to get plenty of wins. This way you can support your clan and friends. If you have any questions about decks or want to share your thoughts, please comment.

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