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10 Best Royal Tournament Decks

Do you want to win more rewards in tournaments? Then you should consider using the best Royal Tournament decks that I have carefully selected.

Royal Tournament is one of the game’s most classic game modes. It takes place regularly each season, giving players the opportunity to win numerous prizes. You should use the best Royal Tournament decks as there are valuable items such as Gems among the prizes you can win.

Sometimes you may come across a deck that will not allow you to use your own deck. It all depends on strategy and everyone’s plan and game strategy is different. This is what you should consider when choosing the best Royal Tournament decks. There is no one size fits all for the decks.

1. Best Royal Tournament Deck: Golem Beatdown

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Golem has always been one of the favorite troops. It is the most important part of beatdown style strategies. A very convenient option for the Royal Tournament, this deck requires you to take advantage of Phoenix. Golem is the best card to be a tank for it.

Cards such as Elite Barbarians and Bomber are highly functional. Because they help you stop the opponent when you try to defend. Night Witch and Phoenix will take care of the air defense. You should remember that you don’t have very powerful spell cards in your hand.

2. Cycle in Royal Tournament: Mighty Miners

runner-up super archers golden knight and miner

I usually like cycle decks, but I don’t want them on my opponent. When you lose the elixir advantage at a certain point, you can consider the game over. After placing Mortar on the battlefield, all you have to do is protect it with all the other cards.

Miner is a good option for backdoor strategy. Mighty Miner is very strong. It can help you deflect the target in an instant. Musketeer will handle the air defense. Many times you need support from Ice Spirit. However, the strategy depends on Mortar’s focus on towers.

3. Powerful Royal Tournament Deck: Mighty Goblins

popular super archers deck golden knight cycle

This is another cycle deck for Royal Tournament. If you don’t like playing with Miner, you can use Goblin Drill. It’s really incredibly good for backdoor strategy. Bomb Tower is a good option to eliminate the problems you may have in defense.

Just be careful, as the Musketeer will be the only alternative in air defense. Use Ice Spirit for the cycle whenever you want. Don’t overuse it if the opponent has too many air units. Because you can lose your elixir advantage in an instant. It can get really hard to stop the opponent.

4. Another Cycle in Royal Tournament: Hog Rider

balanced super archers deck mighty miner

One of the most important facts we have to accept is that cycle decks work very well in the Royal Tournament. Because in the game, elixir means everything. the faster you are, the better for you. All you have to do is wait for the right moment and act.

Hog Rider can find a great offensive area if you use the Mighty Miner correctly. With Earthquake, you can easily destroy your opponent’s buildings. Mortar can secure your plan, but you shouldn’t always consider it for attack. Musketeer will be the joker in air defense.

5. Expensive Royal Tournament Deck: Graveyard

defensive super archers mortar and mighty miner

I must say from the beginning, this deck is very expensive. It contains three legendary and one champion cards. For this reason, it may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you like to play with Graveyard, I can say it’s for you. At the right moment you can win the game.

Skeleton King is very effective in defense with Ice Wizard and Phoenix. You won’t get your opponent close to the tower. Graveyard is not a card you should use all the time. After you counter the attacks and gain the elixir advantage, Graveyard will make the final point.

6. Classic in Royal Tournament: Speedy Balloon

some classic super archers hog rider

Lumberjack and Balloon duo always work. It takes a lot of effort to stop them. The same is true for the opponent. Balloon can be effective even on its own. It gains extra power when combined with Lumberjack. I haven’t mentioned the effect of Freeze yet.

There isn’t much to worry about on defense. Electro Dragon and Bowler are pretty good. The Inferno Dragon will help you melt down the tank troops. The hardest part of the deck is that it is not always easy to get the Balloon to the tower. But this is not a major disadvantage.

7. Heavy Royal Tournament Deck: Dark Golem

fast super archers deck goblin drill and spirits

I can’t say that I like decks with such high average elixir amount. But this deck might really be an exception. Golem always works when there is a beatdown strategy. Electro Dragon and Dark Prince are pretty good at making its job easier.

Two situations can easily grab your attention when examining the deck. There is no strong spell card in the deck. Is this a disadvantage? Yes, but you can use a troop like Phoenix. Second, there is the Elixir Collector. Even if the deck is very costly, it will make your move fastly.

8. Giant Royal Tournament: Bunch of Hogs

other fast super archers golden knight and mirror

I think this deck is very good defensively. If you have a game sense that puts defense first, it can win you a lot of games. You just have to get the most out of Giant Skeleton. Otherwise, the plan you have determined down to the smallest detail may fail.

In the Royal Tournament, the Royal Hogs are a threat in and of themselves. Mother Witch would be an excellent choice, especially if the opponent has swarm-style cards. You always get the opportunity to keep your opponent under pressure. Flying Machine and Zappies are adept at stopping enemy troops.

9. Classic Royal Tournament Deck: Bridge Spam

some classic super archers deck x-bow and tesla

The most popular deck of all time and it still works. If you are good at using the bridge spam tactic from the past, you should definitely use this deck. It won’t make any difference to the Royal Tournament, but it will keep you from using a deck you don’t know.

You don’t really need to think too much when it comes to tactics. First you have to wait for the opponent. You must fend off the opponent’s moves with Magic Archer, Bandit and Electro Wizard. Then it will be enough to implement the attack plan with Battle Ram and Royal Ghost.

10. Still Expensive Royal Tournament: Graveyard

extra air super archers hog rider and musketeer

A deck similar to the Graveyard deck I mentioned earlier. The only difference is Baby Dragon. Having Baby Dragon is an advantage. Because it is much more effective at dealing area damage and a little more durable. It’s a good enough choice to meet whatever the deck needs.

You can defend with Ice Wizard, Baby Dragon and Skeleton King. This deck can be much more effective, especially if there are swarm-type troops. You can get tower points with Graveyard while dealing with the opposing player Skeleton King. It’s not that simple, but it’s a useful strategy.

I can recommend these decks for Royal Tournament and any other global tournament challenges. Instead of just thinking about your own strategy, you should try to understand your opponent’s moves. If you have suggestions and want to share your ideas about the decks, please comment.

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