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10 Best Super Archers Challenge Decks

Find the best Super Archers decks. Don't let any challenge scare you. Play confidently, get more wins and get lots of rewards with Super Archers.

Super Archers Challenge is one of the fun game modes added to the game. Super Archers are stronger than regular Archers troops. They push back the enemy troops with the arrows they throw. That’s why correct positioning is very important when using them.

Even if you find the best deck for Super Archers, you won’t get proper results if you don’t know how to use it. You can combine certain cards well with it. Sometimes, you need to stop your opponent’s archers by getting support from building and spell cards.

1. Best Super Archers Deck: Miner & Bandit Combo

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Created from combination of Bandit and Miner, this Super Archers deck has a fast play style. What you need to do is to cycle quickly and use your archer troops frequently. Unlike the other Bandit and Royal Ghost will support you in instant moves.

If you noticed at first glance, Super Archers are the most suitable units in the deck to stop air units. If you fail to protect them, you could run into serious problems. Because this deck created for this special game mode is not very flexible. In other words, its strategy is clear.

2. Runner-up Super Archers: Golden Knight & Miner

runner-up super archers golden knight and miner

I think this deck with Golden Knight and Miner is effective for this challenge. Since the average amount of elixir is low, it can be cycled quickly. At the same time, it is possible to keep the opponent under constant pressure. If your goal is to stop the opponent, give this deck a chance.

In this deck, which includes the Golden Knight, Super Archers are more at the forefront of defense. Make an effort not to let opposing troops get close to the towers you protect. Also take advantage of Wall Breakers to surprise the opponent at the unexpected moment.

3. Popular Super Archers Deck: Golden Knight Cycle

popular super archers deck golden knight cycle

If you enjoy playing with cycle-style decks, this deck for Super Archers can be of great help to you. It involves making frequent use of Super Archers and Minor cards in general. In some cases, you can use the Golden Knight directly and get results quickly.

Since it is a very popular deck, you should know that your opponent can use a similar strategy. If your opponent has the same deck, you have to be faster than him. You put yourself in trouble when you waste Elixir for nothing. It is very important to be patient when acting quickly.

4. Balanced Super Archers Deck: Mighty Miner

balanced super archers deck mighty miner

I think this Super Archers deck with Mighty Miner is a bit more balanced. Yes, you should continue to rely on the archers for air defense. However, the flexibility brought by Mighty Miner is strong enough to make an extra contribution to you.

Miner can make it easier to reach the tower and deal damage. Wall Breakers can serve a similar role. However, you have to be patient because you can’t cycle faster than alternatives. Poison and The Log are pretty good at stalling enemy troops.

5. Defensive Super Archers: Mortar & Mighty Miner

defensive super archers mortar and mighty miner

If you want to use a Super Archers deck with an extra strong defensive aspect, you can give this suggestion a shot. Your goal should be to defend more. Even if performing a cycle is not a problem, you have to be extremely careful with your opponent’s moves.

Thanks to Mortar, you can attack and defend from afar. Using your archer troops, you must make an effort not to let the opponent get close to Mortar. Mighty Miner is a master at blocking the corridor. However, you should not leave the other corridor too empty.

6. Some Classic Super Archers: Hog Rider

some classic super archers hog rider

If you’re used to playing with the famous Hog Rider deck, this Super Archers deck can come in handy. It is an easy to use deck to a certain extent. However, if the opponent manages to stop the Hog Rider, you are likely to run into problems. You just have to set the cycle well.

In general, you should remember that you will always be the attacking side. Every time you get the opportunity, you have to go against your opponent with the Hog Rider. If you squander the elixir advantage, your opponent will likely use their own Super Archers to try to take the Hog Rider away.

7. Fast Super Archers Deck: Goblin Drill & Spirits

fast super archers deck goblin drill and spirits

This is definitely one of the fastest Super Archers decks. You only need to spend 4 elixirs for the cycle. Naturally, you can quickly use Super Archers or Goblin Drill over and over again. If the opponent is actually using a deck with a high cost of elixir, you will gain an advantage.

Goblin Drill can do a masterful job of reaching the opposing tower. However, when applying this strategy, you should pay attention to the opponent’s move. Your strategy may fail if the opponent has too many cards dealing area damage. In all other circumstances, the strategy may work.

8. Other Fast Super Archers: Golden Knight & Mirror

other fast super archers golden knight and mirror

If you’re looking for something quick rather than a creative deck for Super Archers, you can count on this deck. Golden Knight is very useful. When you use your special ability, you can affect many troops that come your way. Since it’s a fast deck, you can get an elixir advantage.

Goblin Drill should be your surprise card. You can use this card to make the opponent helpless when he least expects it. Your job will not be easy with the archers. However, if you manage to make the right moves, the opponent may be helpless. You must patiently continue to implement your own strategy.

9. Some Classic Super Archers Deck: X-Bow & Tesla

some classic super archers deck x-bow and tesla

X-Bow decks are a nightmare for some. Because a positioning done at the right time can be enough to win the match. X-Bow, backed by Tesla, does not let anyone near it. Now that you have Super Archers, your job gets a little easier.

The most important factor that can stop you will be the spell cards on the opponent. You may have a hard time against opponents who are Lightning or Earthquake. However, this Super Archers deck, adapted from the classic X-Bow deck, is a master at winning matches.

10. Extra Air Super Archers: Hog Rider & Musketeer

extra air super archers hog rider and musketeer

If you want to use one of the most classic decks, I can say this deck is for you. Super Archers are really good at air defense. However, you can make an extra defensive move with the Musketeer. Ideal for those who have difficulty stopping airborne troops.

Regardless, you should remember that the card that will win you the game is the Hog Rider. If you can’t use it properly, you’re going to have real problems. If your opponent has cards with high damage power, you should be careful. Sometimes it’s a good idea to change strategy.

I can recommend these decks for Super Archers events, including the Super Archers Challenge. Pay attention to what type of strategy you are prone to when choosing a deck. If you have suggestions and want to share your ideas about the decks, please comment.

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