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10 Best Super Archers vs Golem Decks

Super Archers vs Golem is an annoying game mode where you have to stop Golem and Golemities. If you use right decks you can win lots of prizes.

Super Archers vs Golem is a somewhat challenging but fun game mode. Everyone needs to build a deck using Super Archers. Golem will spawn from one side of the battlefield at regular intervals. The goal of the players is to stop the opponent Golem and get their own Golem to the target tower.

Actually, I didn’t like the Super Archers vs Golem mod that much. It has a somewhat complex structure because you have a hard time managing Elixir. However, when the opponents takes the advantage, they can use their cards quickly. If you are lucky in the matchmaking, you can win without any problem.

1. Best Super Archers vs Golem Deck: Firecracker

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

It will probably be one of the decks you will encounter the most. The advantage of using Firecracker is being able to damage the troops behind the Golem. Because when you eliminate the Super Archers belonging to the opponent, you will be close to victory. In other scenarios, the match takes a little longer.

I recommend not using Super Archers back-to-back unless absolutely necessary. Because the opponent can use their spell cards to neutralize them. You should not forget that you have the Mirror in your hand. However, if you use Mirror too often, you may be at a disadvantage in terms of Elixir.

2. Super Archers vs Golem: Fast Two Spirit Cycle

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

It’s not easy to find so many different decks for Super Archers vs Golem. In general, they are all similar. The goal in this deck is to cycle very quickly. You can do this using Ice Spirit and Electro Spirit, but you have to be careful at every stage. You should not neglect elixir management.

You can use Super Archers however you want. I don’t think it’s appropriate to send them both down the same lane. But with Mirror you can try this. You quickly put the opponent under pressure. If your opponent does not have a Firecracker, you can maneuver comfortably.

3. Super Archers vs Golem Deck: Fast Three Spirits

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

I know it’s a somewhat similar deck, but finding something different isn’t easy. There are three spirits in this deck. Each of them will help you cycle quickly. Although a fast deck, it is sometimes quite effective at neutralizing the swarm type enemy troops. Fire Spirit is very effective in this regard.

It won’t cause you big problems in terms of gameplay. You just have to not overdo it when using Mirror. If you are careful, you can win the match without losing your elixir advantage. Super Archers is really frustrating, but with this deck, you’ll have a chance to make things easy.

4. Super Archers vs Golem: Cheap Cycle

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Let’s try to move a little faster. The purpose of this deck is to use lots of Super Archers by moving at maximum speed. When you do this, you can see plenty of troops moving around on the battlefield. Of course, you have to watch your opponent’s moves. The opponent will try to surprise you.

You may want to make an extra effort to use Super Archers while using the deck. In such cases, you usually come across with an insufficient elixir scenario. If you don’t want this to happen, you should pay attention to your opponent’s moves. If you are careless, you will have big problems.

5. Icy Super Archers vs Golem Deck: Firecracker

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is pretty similar to the others. It’s powered by Firecracker. Thanks to the Firecracker, you can damage other troops behind the Golem. While Super Archers gather them all in one area, Firecracker can neutralize them with the damage advantage. You just have to control the battlefield.

Some players make mistakes while using Firecracker. You must keep her as far away from Super Archers range as possible. If you succeed, you can continue to deal damage without any problems. Make sure to keep the opponent’s Golem troops away from your turrets.

6. Super Archers vs Golem: Double Spirit Firecracker

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Sometimes it can be advantageous to have two or three spirits in the deck you will use. The main reason for this is that they allow instant moves. In particular, you should pay attention to the units that will allow you to make new moves, such as Ice Spirit. Because Super Archers don’t attack very fast.

You will not have any problems in terms of cycle while using this deck. Ice Spirit and Electro Spirit provide as much convenience as needed. The only thing you need to pay attention to will be Mirror. If you try to use Super Archers too much, you may be at a disadvantage in terms of elixir.

7. Super Archers vs Golem Deck: Other Firecracker

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Sometimes it makes more sense to use troop cards instead of spell cards. In particular, you can give up spell cards that cannot neutralize Super Archers at once, such as The Log, and replace it with Skeletons. The advantage of this is that it can be extra advantageous in stalling the opponent.

Being able to make the right move is as important as being fast in cycle decks. Skeletons can help you with this. They’re especially useful for surprising your opponent’s Super Archers. Target shifting Super Archers may have a hard time keeping the Golem away from the tower.

8. Super Archers vs Golem: Firecracker with the Log

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you don’t like using Arrows, you can replace it with the Log. Thus, you will have a small advantage in terms of fast use. You may have a very effective solution, especially if you want to send more Super Archers to the battlefield using Mirror. Of course you should pay attention to the Elixir status.

The gameplay of the deck is quite simple. I suggest you wait for the opponent’s move first. Then you can try to position Super Archers in the most accurate way. So you can keep the oncoming Golem away from your tower. With Firecracker, you can more easily inflict damage to enemy units.

9. Super Archers vs Golem Deck: Three Spirits

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you want three spirits together for Super Archers vs Golem mode, this deck might come in handy. At the same time, you do not miss out on the Firecracker card. Mirror will be your most important advantage. When you cycle and have enough elixir, you can use it immediately.

Sometimes the cards in your opponent’s hand can restrict you from making moves. I suggest you pay attention especially to opponents who use a lot of spells. Because if Super Archers is ineffective, you may face big problems. Protecting them is not easy, but you should try your best.

10. Super Archers vs Golem: Dual Super Archers

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This Super Archers vs Golem deck has three spirits and Arrows. Even if the goal is always the same, you may notice a small detail that catches your attention. The cost of the deck is very low. Even if you can’t gain advantage in cycle speed, you can have various advantages in using Mirror.

Since you can use Super Archers frequently, you can keep your opponent’s Golem troops away from your tower. Also, since you’ll have Arrows, you shouldn’t have any problems against swarm-type units. When you use your cards correctly, you can get plenty of wins thanks to Mirror and Super Archers.

I can recommend these decks for Super Archers vs Golem events. To be honest, I didn’t really like this game mode. You should always prioritize elixir management when using decks. If you have any questions about decks or want to share your thoughts, please comment.

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