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10 Best Triple Elixir Decks

Best Triple Elixir decks in Clash Royale! Prepare for heavy pushes. Remember, the best defense is offense! Charge through your opponent!

Triple Elixir is a game mode where you gain three times faster elixir. You have to make quick moves. Also you have to respond your opponent’s quick moves. This isn’t a very easy thing. The deck you use should support fast elixir flow. For this reason, I recommend using the best Triple Elixir decks I chose for you.

You need to be careful when playing Triple Elixir game mode. Because the synergy between the cards is very important. If you ignore this synergy, the deck you’re going to use will be useless.It can be much better if you test the decks before you start using them.

1. Best Triple Elixir Deck: Mighty Miners

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Mighty Miner has a very important place in this deck. Since Elixir flows so quickly, you can use it often. Musketeer and Bomb Tower can close all their defenses. Goblins are ideal for cycling. Miner, on the other hand, can allow you to reach the enemy tower faster.

Wall Breakers work well when used quickly. Since Elixir accumulates fast, you may not get extra efficiency from it. However, your main goal should be to use Wall Breakers to neutralize various spell cards of the opponent. Thus, you will have a comfortable range of motion for both Miner and Mighty Miner.

2. Air Focused Triple Elixir: Lava Hound

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This is really popular. You have to be careful as it can happen often. Lava Hound is a very powerful tank card. You can tank damage from the turret for a long time when you use it. The best part of the deck is that it includes powerful support units such as Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon in the game.

If you look carefully, you can see that the deck has three different spell cards. I wouldn’t recommend using Lightning too often. When your opponent’s certain units come together, you can use it to gain an elixir advantage. Arrows are very useful for neutralizing swarm-type troops.

3. Cold Triple Elixir Deck: Graveyard

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

You should never underestimate the power of the Skeleton King. It may seem like an easy kill, but this deck is a little different. It can cover damage for a very long time and present favorable opportunities for the Graveyard. Bowler and Executioner are extra powerful. Because they do not allow swarm-type troops.

It is very important that you use the Freeze spell card at the right time. Elixir flows quickly, and your opponent can make one-to-one moves. Poison, although optional, can often be lifesaving. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to be able to use Tornado and Bowler or Executioner in a compatible way.

4. Plenty Air Triple Elixir: Lava Hound and Phoenix

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is a bit popular but I have to admit it has issues with cycles. If the Lava Hound cannot stay on the battlefield for a long time, it can cause you a lot of trouble. You must do everything you can to protect him. Phoenix and Flying Machine come in handy for this, but you have to be careful.

Valkyrie and Bomb Tower are effective against ground troops. They save you time and give you the opportunity to use Phoenix and Inferno Dragon cards. The deck is useless if you have problems with the cycle. Even if the Elixir accumulates quickly, you must be patient and act at the right time.

5. Fishy Triple Elixir Deck: Royal Hogs

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

The good thing about this deck is that it allows you to put maximum pressure on your opponent. You can threaten towers with Royal Hogs. You can defend effectively with Zappies, Royal Ghost, Fisherman and Mother Witch. Mother Witch will even give you the opportunity to counterattack.

I suggest you don’t be too insistent on driving your troops onto the battlefield. If you put all of them in one area, the opponent can use spells and eliminate them all. Zappies, Flying Machine, Mother Witch, and Royal Ghost cards are easily neutralized by Fireball. Don’t give this opportunity to the opponent.

6. Speedy Triple Elixir: Mighty Miner Cycle

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is very fast and draws its strength from its speed. Since Elixir flows so quickly, it gives you countless opportunities. Wall Breakers, Miner, Bats and Dart are really good at Goblin cycle. All you have to do is use them in direct proportion to the opponent’s move.

Mighty Miner is the strongest card in the deck. Using it, you can counter your opponent’s attacks. At the same time, thanks to his special ability, you can change your attack plan unexpectedly. Dart Goblin is my favorite card. Because he attacks quickly and can damage enemy units from a distance.

7. Blessed Triple Elixir Deck: Monk and Phoenix

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck requires you to get the most out of Monk. Even if it’s not very obvious, the Monk is actually a good tank. When you use your special ability, you can best counter ranged attacks from opponents. In this way, you can stall the opposing troops and manage to offer the Royal Hogs an extra attack area.

I advise you to be careful when using Firecracker. If you act carelessly, you can activate your opponent’s King’s Tower. In this case, you can make changes to your attack plan. You should not forget that there are three different spells in the deck you will use. You must target multiple troops while trying to use Lightning.

8. F2P Triple Elixir: Goblin Drill

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck isn’t used very often, but it’s pretty useful. It can give you some surprising results. You can cycle very quickly. Spear Goblins and Bats will help you with this. Firecracker can annoy the opponent. Because it can manage to damage enemy units without being noticed.

You have to act fast to get maximum efficiency from the deck. Goblin Drill is the best option to win the match. Most of the time you can’t catch the opponent off guard, but when you get the chance, you should use the Goblin Drill. I suggest you try to surprise your opponent a lot by using Wall Breakers.

9. Trendy Triple Elixir Deck: Skeleton King

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Despite being a popular deck, it is a little difficult to win. Because your opponents can be prepared against this deck. You have to make the most of Skeleton King for the deck to work. You can use it in combination with Graveyard. Thus, you have a chance to keep the opponent under pressure.

Phoenix and Ice Wizard are effective in air defense. Especially Ice Wizard can help you save time. While Ice Wizard slows down enemy troops, you can wait for the elixir to accumulate. Poison works most of the time, but you may want to replace it with a different card. However, I wouldn’t recommend it.

10. Control Style Triple Elixir: Only Miner

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you enjoy playing with control style decks, I suggest you give this deck a try. While controlling your opponent’s moves on the battlefield, you can damage the opponent’s tower over time. Rocket is very useful in this regard. Alternatively, you can use Miner, but you may not even need it.

If you position the Inferno Tower correctly, you can resist your opponent’s attacks. Goblins, Ice Spirit, and Royal Delivery will help you a lot with your cycle. The Elixir flow is very fast so you should have no problem using Rocket. When your tower doesn’t have much health left, you can easily knock it down.

I can recommend these decks for Triple Elixir events. Triple Elixir requires you to be really fast and if you are slow you will lose matches. Consider stopping and counter-attacking. If you have any questions about decks or want share your thoughts, please comment.

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